Thursday, August 1, 2013

Air an Rathad A-Rithist

Bha an t-uisge ann sa mhadainn. Bha i fluich agus gras. Dh'fhag sinn New Castle, Delaware aig 7:30. Stad sinn a dh'ithe an-dràsta aig taigh-biadh Meagsagach.

Tha sinn a' dochas a chur an t-uisge air cùl sinn. Bidh sinn a' toisich a-rithist a-nis.

It was raining this morning. It was wet and grey. We left New Castle Delaware at 7:30. We just now stopped to eat at a Mexican Restaurant.

We are hoping to put the rain behind us. We will be starting again now.

[Update] 9:21, now with English.

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